The Manitoba German Language Contest provides students the opportunity of receiving recognition for their competence in the German language. Students compete in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and have the opportunity to win a cash prize.

49th Annual Manitoba German Language Contest

School registration for MGLC 2023 is now open!  We are excited to host interviews as well as an awards evening!


2022 Contest Winners

Junior A Junior B  Junior C
Caren Enns,  Chief Peguis Jesse Stahl,  Odanah Adrian Williams,  Westgate
Alia Kay Smith,  Chief Peguis Nicolas Waldner,  Decker Elia Koslowsky-Wiebe,   Westgate
Samantha Schroeder,  Chief Peguis Tabea Kleinsasser, Crystal Spring Noah Hyska-Pottek,  Westgate
Intermediate A Intermediate B Intermediate C
Alexia Sawatsky,  River East Collegiate Jesse Waldner,  Decker Emerson McFadyen,  MGLE
Judith Huebert,  River East Collegiate Sofia Maendel,  Fairholme Addie Funk,  Westgate
Aaron Doltze,  River East Collegiate Yolanda Hofer,  Greenwald Micah Dyck,  Westgate
Senior A Senior B Senior C
Samuel Ludwig,  Westgate Grace Waldner,  Decker Weldon Scott,  MGLE
Ivan Myastkivskyy,  River East C. Daniel Waldner,  Decker Lena Klassen,  Westgate
Abigail Ulrich,  River East Collegiate Stefan Stahl,  Odanah Erika Harms,  MGLE


Thank you for supporting German language and culture in our community!

The Manitoba German Language Contest is funded entirely through donations.                                                 Join our donor family and help encourage the growth of the German Language in Manitoba!

2020 MGLC Fundraiser Letter


Looking back at the 2019 MGLC Contest Winners

Vielen Dank an Stan Kroeker für die Photos

Two of our winners enjoyed a trip to Germany!
Anja Waldner from Decker Colony  School won the Senior B Scholarship trip to Germany sponsored by the Goethe Institute.
Sergiy Myastkivskyv from River East Collegiate was awarded the Senior A Scholarship trip to Germany through the PAD.

Watch 2018 contest winner: Henry’s Interview with Deutsche Welle

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