The Manitoba German Language Contest provides students with the opportunity of receiving recognition for their competency in the German language. Students compete in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and have the change to win one of many prizes.
Watch one of our contest winners here: Henry’s Interview with Deutsche Welle


44th Annual Manitoba German Language Contest (MGLC)
Thank you for another successful Contest!  We had about 400 students participate in this years contest. On February 26, 2018, we invited 96 students from 13 different schools to participate in an interview and an award ceremony at Chief Peguis Junior High.
We were able to award 26 students with over $3000 in monetary prizes and will be sending one student on a scholarship trip to Germany through the generous support of the Goethe Institute and the generous donors of MGLC. We are so very thankful for the continuous support that we are receiving.
We want to thank Annabella Cardozo from River East Collegiate and Hadessah Maendel from Fairholme Colony School for speaking at the event and reporting in German on their scholarship trips through the PAD and Goethe institute.


Thank you Stan Kroeker for the wonderful photos

We are pleased to announce that Janelle Waldner from Silverwinds Colony  School has won the Senior B Scholarship trip to Germany through the Goethe Institute and MGLC.
We are also incredibly please to announce that Natasha Wiebe (River East Collegiate) and Henry Ens (Westgate Mennonite Collegiate) have been awarded the Senior A and Senior C Scholarship trips to Germany through the PAD.

Senior A

1st – Kara LeBlanc (River East Collegiate)

2nd – Grace Boehm (River East Collegiate)

3rd – Natasha Wiebe (River East Collegiate)


Senior B

1st – Janelle Waldner (Silverwinds)

2nd – Anya Wurtz (Oak River)

3rd – Nicole Wurtz (Oak River)


Senior C

1st – Alex Martin (Westgate Mennonite Collegiate)

2nd – Henry Ens (Westgate Mennonite Collegiate) >> Watch Henry’s Interview with Deutsche Welle 

3rd – Rory Wastle (MGLE Saturday School)


Intermediate A

1st – Sergiy Myasshiushyy (REC)

2nd – Victoria Truderung (REC)

3rd – Jascha Peterson (REC)


Intermediate B

1st – Adelheid Waldner (Decker)

2nd – Sally Wollman (Decker)

3rd – Anja Walder (Decker)


Intermediate C

1st – Rachel Siemens (Westgate)

2nd – Hannah Marchant (MGLE Saturday School)

3rd – Sara Klassen (Westgate)


Junior A

1st – Felicia Ross (Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute)

2nd – Theodore Blumrich (Chief Peguis Junior High)

3rd – Ingrid Sokolies (Chief Peguis Junior High)


Junior B

1st – Grace Waldner (Decker)

2nd – Daniel Waldner (Decker)

3rd – Nadia Waldner (Silverwinds)


Junior C

1st – Vera Koslenko (MGLE Saturday School)

2nd –Aliyah Penner (Westgate)

3rd – Ella Rempel (Westgate)


See you next year!

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