The Manitoba German Language Contest provides students with the opportunity of receiving recognition for their competency in the German language. Students compete in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and have the change to win one of many prizes.

MGLC Contest 2017/2018

Contests are underway throughout Manitoba. Students are working on their reading, writing, and listening skills. About 80 students will be invited to participate in the Interview portion of the contest on February 26, 2018. All students will be recognized for their hard work, cash prices will be distributed in 9+ categories, and scholarship trips to Germany will be awarded.

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 2017-2018 MGLC Fundraising Letter


Judges Needed:

Marking Date: February 12, 2018

Interview Date: February 26, 2018

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Manitoba German Language Contest (MGLC) 2017
Thank you for another successful Contest! We had over 450 students participate in this years contest. On February 27, 2017, we invited 100 students from 13 different schools to participate in an interview and an award ceremony at Chief Peguis Junior High.
We were able to award 25 students with over $3000 in monetary prizes and will be sending two students on scholarship trips to Germany through the generous support of the PAD, the Goethe Institute, and the generous donors of MGLC. We are so very thankful for the continuous support that we are receiving.


We are pleased to announce that Annabella Cardozo from  River East Collegiate has won the Scholarship trip to Germany through the PAD and Hadessah Maendel from Fairholme Colony School has won the Senior B Scholarship trip to Germany through the Goethe Institute.

 Senior A

1st – Leon Stetefeld (MGLE)

2nd – Annabella Cardozo (REC)

3rd – Jaymi Fast (Westgate)


Senior B

1st – Hadessah Maendel (Fairholme)

2nd – Amaris Maendel (Fairholme)

3rd – Julian Waldner (Decker)


Senior C

1st – Kadie Nykvist (Westgate)

2nd – Everett Giesbrecht (Westgate)

3rd – Meghan Hiebert (Westgate)

Intermediate A

1st – Sergiy Myasshiushyy (REC)

2nd – Chiara Neufeld (REC)

3rd – Victoria Truderung (REC)


Intermediate B

1st – Sally Wollman (Decker)

2nd – Renae Stahl (Odanah)

3rd – Janelle Waldner (Silver Winds)


Intermediate C

1st – Paul Rempel (Westgate)

2nd – Joe McCallum (Westgate)

3rd – Toby Bergmann (Westgate)

 Junior A

1st – Sam Ludwig (Westgate)

2nd – Annika Wiebe (Chief Peguis)

3rd – Theodore Blumrich (Chief Peguis)


Junior B

1st – Grace Waldner (Decker)

2nd – Natalya Waldner (Decker)

3rd – Kelly Boller (Crystal Springs)


Junior C

1st – Thomas Wastle (MGLE)

2nd – Carson Greenall (Westgate)

3rd – Hannah Marchant (MGLE)

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