The Manitoba German Language Contest provides students with the opportunity of receiving recognition for their competency in the German language. Students compete in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and have the change to win one of many prizes.
The 45th Annual Manitoba German Lanuage Contest (MGLC) is currently underway!
Students are currently completing their reading and listening components with the written component to be submitted at the beginning of February. Interviews of the top students to follow!
Watch one of our contest winners here: Henry’s Interview with Deutsche Welle
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2017-2018 MGLC Fundraising Letter


Last year’s Winners:

Thank you Stan Kroeker for the wonderful photo

Our last year’s winner’s spent the summer in Germany. Janelle Waldner from Silverwinds Colony  School won the Senior B Scholarship trip to Germany through the Goethe Institute and MGLC.
Natasha Wiebe (River East Collegiate) and Henry Ens (Westgate Mennonite Collegiate) were awarded the Senior A and Senior C Scholarship trips to Germany through the PAD.




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