Deutsch-Olympiade 2021 – Report on  German Olympics by Manuel Kleinböhl (Teacher at Chief Peguis Middle School):

German Olympics is a language contest that is organized by the Goethe-Institut Kanada and round 1 took place on October 30, 2021. All German speakers, German schools, or schools with a German program outside of German speaking countries that fulfill the requirements can attend. All provinces of Canada that fulfill the requirements can attend at the qualifying round. Lea Laukamp, the German support teacher from River East Colligate, and I from Chief Peguis Middle School, were the hosts for the 1st qualifying round here in Manitoba.

Over 30 students from River East Transcona School Division signed up for the competition in Manitoba. Lea and I hosted a Teams meeting with all the competitors here in Manitoba. Besides German language skills; teamwork, social skills, and creativity was also part of the competition. The students had to work in breakout rooms together on a prompt of their choice. By the end, they had to present their results in the group. Every participant received a gift bag with German goodies, such as chocolate, school supplies, and a gift card for a German bakery.

After the qualifying round here in Manitoba, Lea and I choose 4 students for the next round in Montreal, the next virtual qualifying event which is scheduled for December 4, 2021. In Montreal, the students will sort out in two major groups. The first group must fulfill requirements to attend the finals in Germany. An example of a requirement is that the students need to be 14 years or older. Unfortunately, the students from Chief Peguis couldn’t yet qualify for the finals due to their age, but one from River East Collegiate fulfilled the requirements to attend at the German finals. All the others can win prizes of a maximum amount of 200$.

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